This project consisted on the construction of dwellings in areas of difficult access, 
without a ground on which to stand.
Sketch shopping cart


This intervention consisted of writing a name on adhesive tape and taped it on any vagabond that I ran into on the street

This work consisted of painting with different colors the chewing gums stick on the floor of a whorehouse

Logística y Colaboración Técnica: JJ MOYANO


This work consisted of obtaining some needlework made by prostitutes during their free time or while they are waiting for a client, after that, I asked a prostitute to embroider the fragment of a silhouette I drew



This intervention consisted of using the same materials that were obstructing the way to build a BRIDGE

This intervention consisted of painting a baroque style frame around the graffiti, which was against a wall house

This action was made on the street; it consisted of breaking the red and green colors of traffic lights with a rifle, leaving the yellow light intact

This action consisted of jumping the steel fence, which divides an avenue and obstructs the way from one side to the other. When I was on the other side I cut the wire mesh and cross throughout the side I first arrived.

This action consisted of asking Santiago Sierra for an autograph, he accepted to do it on a twenty pesos bill by writing the legend “SANTIAGO SIERRA FUCK NEOCONS”
Camara: Juan Pablo Macias

A housing development has a wall which delimitates and excludes it from neighborhoods next to it, with only one entry and one exit, therefore; inhabitants created small gates on the back and lateral walls which allow them to get in touch with everything nearby.
This action consisted of obstructing gates (seven) with a cross piece made with wood and barbed wire.

This action consisted of taking off my pants and giving them to a vagabond, wearing them on his ankles made his walk so difficult.

This action consisted of covering a person who was sleeping on the street with a blanket.

This action was across the street to help a blind, with my eyes closed
This action was made on a window of the local transport during the normal travel. It consisted of copying some fragments of the landscape on the glass that I watched throughout the window. This work was made every single time the bus stopped, in order to create a map of the landscape

Bravo´s work derives from small events documented on photographs or video. These events generate situations aiming to disturb the viewer’s perception and to activate the space where they are carried out.

Started his career knitting a framework in the other side of the art circuit (and he stayed there for years) the streets. With a provocative moral vision, Bravo Works from the actions that have helped him building a net where he can move, as a skilled acrobat, in the deep ends of the cities where he lives, and the marginalized characters that generate the invisible, deep, underground life, the pile of invisible layers that make up social stratums and the economical-political-social morphology of the big cities. 

2006 Workshop Art and Migration imparted by Diego Medina. Iberoamericana University
2009 Workshop Art imparted by Raimundas Malasauskas. Fundation Jumex

2004-“1ST Contest in Glass Art. Monterrey, Mexico
2005-“5TH State Meeting of Contemporary Art, Puebla, México
Eclectic, alternative space “La Perrera” Puebla, México
6TH State Meeting of Contemporary Art. Puebla, México
EJECT, 1ST International Festival of Video performance, ex Teresa, CENART, México City
“EMERGENTART” National Biennial. Monterrey 06, Monterrey, México
“PLATAFORMA”, Regeneration, Platforms and Utopian Spaces. Puebla, México

-Suitcase Illuminated#5 on parallel economies P74Center&Gallery Ljubljana Slovenia. Mac/Val.Paris France curated by: Katia Anguelova & Alessandra Poggianti
-Separation Perfected Defection Strategies: from video pragmata to urban strata. National Center for Contemporary Arts of Moscow NCCA. Russia Curator: Juan Pablo Macias
-Zona 9, Festival internacional de VIDEOARTE, Centro cultural CARAHUE, Chile
-Remedios y Rumores, Photoseptember Casa del Caballero Águila, Cholula, México
-Biennale Emergency in Chechnya, world tour/stop 9: 10th Istanbul Biennial, Curator: Evelyn Jouanno
-LATINO-LATINO, Arte Contemporánea Latino Americana nell'Italia del Sud a cura di Raffaella Guidobono Lamarque Museum & Artlab, Manifatture Knos, Lecce, Italia.
-Samples Muestra Internacional de Video, UDLA Puebla. México
-Sonorous Fragments, City Hall Gallery- Puebla, Mexico Curator: Taiyana Pimentel
-The north of south, Baró Cruz Gallery, Sao Paulo Brazil, Curator: Michel Blancsubé
-8TH State Meeting of Contemporary Art. Puebla, México
"EMERGENTART” National Biennial. Monterrey 08, Monterrey, México
-PRAGUE BIENNALE, Expanded Painting 3, Česká Republika Curator Alessandra Poggianti
-Cuadro Guia & Salon de artistas emergentes, Estacion Indianilla, Polyforum Siqueiros, D.F, México
-Without a roof, the house is bald!, International Festival Cervantino, Mexico Curator Michel Blancsubé
-Antes / Después, Caja Blanca Gallery, Mexico Curator Michel Blancsubé
–Bienal nacional artes visuales yucatan, Mexico
–Bienal de pintura y grabado Alfredo Zalce, Mexico
“EMERGENTART” National Biennial. Monterrey 06, Monterrey, México
-Creacion en movimiento Jovenes creadores 11-12 Galería del Teatro María Grever Leon, Gto
         -enOFF, Galeria arte contemporáneo Xalapa, Veracruz
         -11º Encuentro Estatal de Arte Contemporáneo, Puebla, Pue 
2013 –Algunas Lagunas, Galeria proyecto paralelo México.    
         -12º Encuentro Estatal de Arte Contemporáneo, Puebla, Pue 
         –Bienal del pacifico pintura y grabado Paul Gauguin, México
2014 –Estudio taller FONCA zona maco. Centro banamex, México
         –Puebla contemporanea 28º Festival zacatecas. Zacatecas, México    
         –La fiesta del asno, casa de cultura Guadalajara, Mexico.
         –Bienal FEMSA, Museo arte contemporaneo de Monterrey, México    
         –VEA Bienal internacional de video Puebla, México
         –I Bienal del paisaje, Instituto sonorense de cultura, Sonora, México 
2015 –4ª TRIENAL POLIGRAFICA San Juan Puerto Rico, México
         –Bienal FEMSA, Antiguo Colegio de san Idelfonso, Df, México 
          -I Bienal del paisaje, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, México  
2016 -PINTURA, galeria Artere-a, Guadalajara. 
          -Bienal UNAM, ciudad de México. 
 2017 -+52 Paisajes recientes, fundación Calosa, Irapuato México.

2008 SCHOLARHIP FONCA Grant for Young Creators, 2011-12 
Jumex Collection & 18 Street Arts Center, Residence 2010 Santa Monica,  CA 
2008 SCHOLARHIP FOESCAP Grant for Young Creators, Puebla
68, 11, 12 State Meeting of Contemporary Art. Puebla, México . Acquisition Prize

                                                                        ARTICLES, INTERVIEWS
JUMEX COLLECTION “Interlocution with the space” Round Table 2007
Current Art Tendencies “Between Market and Political behavior” BUAP-UNED-U COMPLUTENSE 2008
“mArt” Catalogue emergent artists, Murrieta Foundation 2007
Magazine code06140 ten new artists: Curator Alessandra Poggianti  2008
Inside 20 Magazine contemporary culture magazine 2009 Project curated by Alessandra Poggianti.
JUMEX COLLECTION “Without a roof the house is bald!” Round Table  2010
Magazine TAXI #3: Ruben Mendez/Lorena Peña 2011

Hernain Bravo
4-nov Puebla, México